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Stupid Economy Cost Me My Job!

Posted in all about me, God's Kids, Ministry, Orphan Care, Rants with tags , , on February 3, 2008 by len20

RecessionI’ve known for about a month that last Friday, Feb. 1 would be my last day at God’s Kids. Now I’m able to tell everyone publicly. To be honest, I think I was hoping that a big semi truck loaded with cash would miraculously pull up to the God’s Kids offices this month with a bewildered driver saying, “They just told me to drop it off here.”

But the truck didn’t come, and our little ministry for orphaned children is tightening it’s belt to weather this economic storm. We all knew this storm was coming. I even wrote about it in previous posts, But that doesn’t help much. I loved this job, and I’ll mourn losing it for a long time to come.

I think God’s Kids, like a lot of other ministries, is in for a rough patch, but they’ll make it through. So far, the ministry has not reduced funding for the orphanages in the field and they plan to keep it that way.

As to the future of this blog, I will probably begin writing on broader topics having to do with the health of the world’s children. As for me, if anyone needs a place to park a big semi truck loaded with cash, I know just the place.

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Is It All About the Money?

Posted in God's Kids, Ministry with tags , , , , , on December 29, 2007 by len20

I don’t know how many email coupons I’ve received this month – somewhere in the neighborhood of 47 gazillion, I think. Half of them were from Barnes and Noble alone. This is an exhausting month to be a consumer.

It’s an equally exhausting month to be a donor. Non-profits look at December with big, hungry eyes too. I know that some ministries get up to 70% of their donations in the last quarter of the year, and a majority of that comes in December. If I’ve been sent 47 gazillion coupons in my in-box, then I know I’ve received at least 64 gazillion emails from other ministries (doing great things, by the way) telling me that now is the time to give. We’re no different.

We’ve been counting on December to be a great month for us, but this has been a tough year for the economy and non-profits like ours are feeling the effects. This USA Today article about charities struggling this year supports what I’m feeling. The bad housing market has cut into our income big time.

I think I’m struggling to balance our fundraising needs with the feeling that sometimes we’re just adding to the noise that everyone else is making about where people should put their money. It’s hard. We sit around in staff meetings looking at the commitments we’ve made in the field and ask ourselves if we’ve done everything we can to bring in donations. The answer is usually, no. We could always send out another email blast, or mail more giving catalogs, or speak in more churches, but when is it too much? When do we reach the point of turning people off because we’re beating them over the head and they’re tired of it?

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